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I am really enjoying working as a freelance designer for Pure Illustration.



My designs were manufactured and sold as phone covers worldwide by this company. Buyers include Nokia and Vodaphone.



I loved working in-house at Woodmansterne as a Senior designer. I had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects: Occasions, Relations, Spring Seasons, Christmas and Birthday ranges. I loved researching current trends for new range concepts. I also worked on Licensed products, finding new ones or styling them. Sourcing photographic images and refreshing existing ranges was an interesting part of my role. I am highly skilled in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator and I have a good eye for colour correction, which was a must in this role. My ability to manage projects and take initiatives also proved invaluable in this job. Woodmansterne are a fantastic company to work for, and I enjoyed my time there.



After graduation, I gained some valuable freelance experience designing prints for fashion fabrics.



I successfully sold everyday designs through this well respected freelance company. I enjoyed the challenge of self motivation, in my spare time, to specific briefs under tight deadlines.



I was thrilled to sell designs to Ralph Lauren Womenswear at Indigo in Paris.



I worked for 5 years as an in-house designer for Paper Dove. My role was varied and I learnt about every aspect of the Christmas charity greeting card industry. This thriving company represent most of the leading charity and fair trade organisations in the UK and Europe. Products include greeting cards, gift wrap, calendars and catalogues. Designing was my main role. Each client has a different target market so I worked dynamically, using a variety of different mediums and styles in my design work to meet clients’ needs. I was involved in creating concepts for card ranges, Christmas trends research, picture research, art working designs, setting text ready for print production and passing on press. Liaising with clients and managing several large accounts was another aspect of the job which I enjoyed. And the fair trade trips to Bangladesh and Nepal were amazing. I was also responsible for managing the photography at Paper Dove. After some training, I set up a studio and photographed snowy scenes for card designs and product photographs for charity brochures. Paper Dove is a very successful company, a leader in its field and I learnt a great deal.



This textile company sold my work in America and Japan.

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